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The increase in climate change related extreme weather events such as floods, droughts and forest fires are now very much on the radar of governments and countries because there is a monetary cost to it. According to recent studies climate change is on track to cost the global economy $38 trillion a year in damages within the next 25 years, leaving every nation to bargain over who is picking up the tab.
In the meantime, people will lose their homes to extreme weather events, communities will be devastated, and lives lost.

In the light of this, animal extinction and vanishing wildlife habitats will be mere “Footnotes” in the chronicles of a warming world.

Step into "Footnotes”, an evocative art exhibit capturing the haunting beauty of wildlife and their habitats. The artworks serve as poignant reminders of the fragile balance between nature and human impact. It celebrates wilderness’ treasures and diversity.
As you wander through the gallery, take in the story of each painting, discover connections, and find hope for the main characters deemed “Footnotes”.

Let their stories inspire a future where we cherish and protect our planet.


More coming soon...

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